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Caring for Your Plants

  • Watering is the most important job in our greenhouse and should be at your home! It is as easy to over water your plants as it is to underwater, both will kill a plant quickly. 

  • If the potting soil looks light brown, similiar to coffee with creamer, then it needs watered. If the soil is similiar ,in color, to black coffee then it most likely does not need watered.

  • Soil volume is an important factor in the longevitity of your plant to last throughout summer.

  • Makesure to pick away any dead or dying leaves to help prevent the development of disease.

  • As your plants grow and become larger it will require water and fertilizer more often. Fertilizing every other or every third watering will help maintain strong heathy foliage and blooms.

  • The proper amount of sunlight or shade is essential to a plants health. Make sure you read the light requirements for each variety.

  • The amount of light a plant receives ,whether to much or to little, will drastically affect the amount and size of blooms it will produce.

  • Be sure to check the weather for chance of frost in spring and fall. Bring plants inside on cold nights or cover if there's going to be a light frost.

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